has joined with the Noble Network of Charter Schools and in constructing a new student development program. This program will best prepare high school students for the choices facing them in the college selection process.

"We have found there are consistent roadblocks for students in the college selection process. This program is specifically designed to defeat those roadblocks," says Scott Anderson, president and co-founder of The program is designed to help students:

â?¢ Identify their college and career ideas.

â?¢ Translate those ideas into actionable college goals.

â?¢ Ensure they have 6 to 10 good fit colleges from which to choose.

"It's great that our students are being given the opportunity to further their college readiness. This is one step closer to our goal of getting students into the best universities possible" says Pablo Sierra, principal of Pritzker College Prep School in Chicago, one of Noble Network Schools who participated in the summer program.

Caroline Kelly, dean of College Counseling at Pritzker, is excited about the possibilities of this partnership, "I believe the students in the EDU Launch Pad internship are gaining an opportunity to sharpen their skills earlier than their peers which will undoubtedly assist them in the college application process."

Sarah Zaslow, founder of adds, "This is a great opportunity for these students to identify the unique story of who they are."

Since completing the initial pilot program, is building an easily replicated program for student development. This program can be duplicated in multiple schools, giving students a leg up in the college search and application process. A self-paced edition of the program will also be built for use on the website. is the most advanced college search engine on the Internet. It helps students not only identify which colleges they may be interested in, but which colleges will likely be the most generous towards them, as well. Scott Anderson co-founded eduLaunchpad in 2009 and has over a decade of college financial consulting experience.


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