LI National Honor Society Welcomes 34 New Members


The Lyndon Institute chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed 34 new members on Nov. 9. The 16 seniors and 18 juniors joined the 17 current members who were elected during their junior year. Participation in activities in and out of school that give opportunities to develop and demonstrate character, service and leadership are considered by the selection committee as well as academic excellence.

Maroon and white decked the Lyndon Institute Alumni Auditorium on Nov. 9 as the members of the school's National Honor Society took the stage for the annual induction ceremony. The 17 current members elected during their junior year welcomed the 34 new members, 16 seniors and 18 juniors.

"Here tonight, in one place at one time, are the best of LI's best," said headmaster Rick Hilton."Now, I know for a fact that there are other students who are also excellent scholars or excellent leaders or excellent community servants or excellent human beings. Gathered together tonight in this auditorium are students who have distinguished themselves by their excellence in scholarship and in leadership and in community service and in character. It is an honor to share the stage with them."

The address was given by Kathy Jackson Smith, chair of the Social Studies Department and Teacher of the Year in 2011. Her address was about milestones. "My greatest wish for you is that this induction into the National Honor Society is not your final milestone but simply one more in your life's path," she said. "If you look behind you for a moment and examine the path you have laid thus far you will see that it is not perfect. It is rough and sometimes patchy but it moves in a forward direction just as you will in your lifetime. One milestone after another -- each one connected and supporting the others."

The current members were seniors Riley Blankenship, Emily Brown, Allison Cobb, Isaac Gershun-Half, Sarah Hinkley, Hyun Jung Kim, Joo Young Kim, Kunwoong Kim, Abagael Lasseigne, Jason Lau, Alex Montgomery, Amanda Newland, Benjamin Nichols, Benjamin Peters, Rohan Racine, Rebecca Thomason and Taylor Waring.

New members from the senior class are Katelin Bean, Yi Cheng, Taryn Colby, Chelsey Corliss, Maxfield Davis, Kexin Ding, Fan Feng, Dehua Hu, Stephanie Kallahan, Matthew Martin, Rachel Merrill, Amber Scovill, Qianying Tao, Taylor Ward, Rachel Winans and Hongqin Yu.

Junior members are Dana Austin, Krista Barlow, Danielle Bonnett, Yixiang Chen, Jessica Colby, Kelsey Croft, Ashlynn Doyon, Zhili Feng, Melissa Helstein, Kayla Jardine, Chantilly Larose, Wanyu Ling, Chi Ma, Noah Manning, Madison Peck, Kyle Piette, Alex Sherbrook and Zi Ye.

The objectives of the National Honor Society are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote worthy leadership; and to encourage the development of character in students of Lyndon Institute. Academic excellence is necessary for membership qualification. Activities, in and out of school, give opportunities to develop and demonstrate character, service, and leadership. Participation in such activities is also considered by the selection committee. Mathematics teacher Paula Pearce is the advisor for the National Honor Society.


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