Lisbon Regional School Starts Kindergarten Readiness Program For Parents


Long-time Lisbon Regional School elementary teachers, Beth Johnson, at left, and Laura Mulkigian are excited to be part of the LRS team offering parents and caregivers of children from birth to age five the successful READY! for Kindergarten® program. Free training sessions for parents and caregivers of children from birth to age five will begin at LRS in May.

LISBON, N.H. -- Lisbon Regional School is making available the successful READY! for Kindergarten® program developed by the National Children's Reading Foundation and used throughout the United States and Canada since 2003. Parents and caregivers of children from birth to age five may sign up for the free program which uses research-based lessons to teach parents how to get their children ready for kindergarten.

Long-time LRS elementary teacher, Beth Johnson, is the coordinator of the program, which is new to Lisbon. Johnson says the classes will teach parents to play with their children in a way that will promote their success in kindergarten. "Parents will learn how to use the materials and engage with their child so he or she can become a better learner," said Johnson. The READY! website states that studies show that children entering kindergarten today are one to three years behind, and children who start school below grade level typically stay behind and never catch up. The READY! program trains parents and caregivers through lessons and activities to prepare their children at home. Studies have also shown the program has had a positive effect on student outcomes, increased collaboration between parents and teachers, and saved remediation costs.

The READY! program consists of three sessions geared to different children's age groups. The May 30th session will focus on early literacy, the July session will focus on math and reasoning, and the September session will focus on language, communication, and positive relationships. The sessions are free and last 90 minutes, and child care will be provided. Ten LRS teachers will be trained to teach the sessions. Johnson hopes parents and caregivers will take advantage of the free program which will give their children the best start in kindergarten and education. To learn more about READY! go to To register for READY! or for more information call Lisbon Regional School at 603-838-6672. Please register by April 26, so free materials can be ordered for each participant.


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