Littleton High School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the third marking period of the 2013-2014 school year.

Grade 12: Serenna Anan, Yu Long "Andy" Cheng, Maggie Hadlock, Hannah Lavoie, Olivia Paradice, Morgan Ross and Cody Stone.

Grade 11: Yu Chun "Alex" Cheng, Grace Cote, Kathleen Gallagher, Phebe Lahout, Aleigha Langtange, Nealy Mason, Madison McNamara, Quinlin Silveria, Tiana Sparks, Autumn Stearns and Nicholas Walsh.

Grade 10: Daniel Brammer, Cierra Favreau and Marissa Hood.

Grade 9: Emma Bogardus, Abhinay Burra, Yu Sheng "Avery" Cheng and Rabecca Hucksoll

Grade 12: Brittany Favreau, Brett Hagan, Alison MacKay, Garron Morneau, Amanda Tran and Miranda Wright.

Grade 11: Nicholas Bray, Alexis Champagne, Olivia Chartier, Amanda Daine, Gavin Cook, Kevin Fillion, Jacob Houghton and Frank Porfido III.

Grade 10: Ethan Ellingwood, Alani Hastings, Taylor Hill, Jakub Kubkowski and Kiana Newton.

Grade 9: Gabriel Anan and Maya Littlefield.

Grade 12: Morgan Brown, Sydne Emerson, Paige Kezerian, Alexa Newton, Nicholas Niles, Hayley Norman, Cassandra Noviello, Luke Parkhurst, Alexis Pelletier, Chloé Pilgrim, Theodore Read IV, Patrick Sparks, Bianca Verret and Gannon Winn.

Grade 11: Antonette DePalma, Ciara Ferland, Rachel Moodie, Austin Nason, Maya Northrop, Victoria Parkhurst, Andrew Pifari, Samantha Winer and Emily Young.

Grade 10: Tyler Brown, Sarah Hasselmann, Allison Horne, Jaclyn Howard, Genevieve Moberly, Jordan Packard, Madison Packard, Joseph Place, Thomas Read and Chandler Sorrell.

Grade 9: Logan Briggs, Regan Hadlock, Shayne Hudson, Cy Kezerian, Amanda Longchamps, Madison Norman, Cooper Paradice and Alfy Perez.


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