Lyndon Institute Student To Attend HOBY World Leadership Conference


Sophie Lamar

Lyndon Institute recently announced that Sophie Lamar, Class of 2017, has been accepted to attend the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership's (HOBY) World Leadership Conference (WLC) being held in July at the Loyola University campus in Chicago.

The WLC brings together over 400 HOBY alumni for an eight-day conference exploring personal leadership, group leadership, leadership for society and global citizenship.

Described as the "Superbowl of Teen Leadership," the WLC is open to secondary school students from around the globe that have a demonstrated interest in developing their leadership skills.

Sophie was accepted based on her attendance at the HOBY State Leadership Conference (LS) held at Vermont Technical College in May. The LS is designed to help high schools sophomores to recognize their leadership talents. Over 100 high school students attended a four-day seminar and participated in leadership activities, met state leaders and explored their own personal skills while learning how to lead others. Thousands of Vermont students have attended the LS over its 30 year history. All HOBY ambassadors pledge to complete 100 hours of community service in the year following their attendance at the LS.

"LI is proud of Sophie's accomplishments, and we know that she is worthy of this honor," said LI Headmaster Daren Houck. "She is a quiet and capable leader who cares about others and strives to be an exemplary role model in all she does. I know that Sophie will continue to grow and share her leadership knowledge and skills with our LI community."

HOBY was founded by the actor Hugh O'Brian. O'Brian's style of self-discipline, enterprise, and tenacity, learned from his Marine Corps father, carried him from being the youngest Marine Corps drill instructor in history to a legendary acting career as TV's Wyatt Earp. It was a life-changing trip to Africa to meet the famed humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer that set O'Brian on a new path--the founding of the HOBY organization to develop young leaders, which boasts over 425,000 alumni. For information, visit


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