Lyndon Town School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll and citizenship awards for the third marking period of the 2011-2012 school year.

Grade 8: Chelsea Corrow, Morgan Hall, Alyssa Nichols and Elizabeth Reed.

Grade 7: Gracie Ducker, Madison Lefebvre and Madalyn Sanborn.

Grade 6: Jade Berry, Brianna Doty, Justin Joyal, Cortnee Keefer, William Miller-Brown and Zosia Prince.

Grade 8: Kyle Adams, Rory Bean, Rebecca Bedor, Katie Bickford, Kinley Burgess, Kristen Burns, Sierra Dwinell, Kylie Harris, Britnee Lemmer, Jacob Miller, Trisha Potter, Kurtis Raymond, Daniel Stetson and Samantha Stewart.

Grade 7: Emily Dunn, Lynsee Garfield, Brandon Gervais, Katey Harris, Kelsie Jardine, Tessa Nelson, Michaela Ross, Nigel Waring and Zachary Willson.

Grade 6: Kelsea Aldrich, Cady Austin, Alicia Brisson, Elizabeth Hebert, Mariah Kimball, Ty Langtange, Madison Murray, Andrew Stimpson, Nicole Tucker and Connor Whitehead.

Grade 8: Katelyn Burns, Amber Coons and Ryan Ruggles.

Grade 7: Samantha Brown, Gabrielle Fontaine, Erin Gammell, Brianna Lamothe and Spencer Vinton.

Grade 6: Patric Edmunds, C.J. Landry and Dylanie Nichols.


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