Lyndon Town School recently announced those students named to the High Scholar, Scholar and Good Citizen lists for the second trimester of the 2014-2015 school year.

Grade 8: Katelyn Burgess, Cameron Raymond, Jack Luna, Connor McClure, Dominic Phelps, Alexis Wright and Haley Wallek.

Grade 7: Caitlin Taylor, Lindsay Joyal, Sydney Smith, Olivia Robinson, David Stevens, Hannah Jones, Halie Bean, Jaedyn Wade and Haleigh Gould.

Grade 6: Princess "Jade" Aviles, Wilson Krause, William Mitchell Jr., Grace Pearce and Ainsley Wells.

Grade 8: Cloey Hodgdon, Malcolm Miller, McKenna Walker, Brittney Smith, Emmallie Bailey, Cindy Houde, Brandon Stone, Ashley Allard, Drew Dudas and Marney Brown.

Grade 7: Kirbie Nichols, Shea McCaffrey, Willow Hartwell, Irie Cambell, Ethan Brill, Matthew Rice, Hunter Cornelius, Jessica McAllister and Elaina Lafond.

Grade 6: Jillian Pickens, Alanna Carey, Colby Langtange, Cooper Nelson, Andrzej Prince, McKayla Stowell, Madison Weeks and James Sanborn.

Grade 8: George Smith, Makaela Stillson and Tyler Brink.

Grade 7: Jordan Adams, Bethany Austin, Melanie Coons, Colin Cornell, Kylie Pilbin, Kyle Smith and Cordell Willey.

Grade 6: Emily Antonucci, Hayley Egan, Elizabeth Leonard, Trinitie Simonds, Samantha Henderson, Caitlin Haggett and Adriannah Lamotte.


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