Megan Lavalla grew up in Nashua, N.H. and her experience with homeschooling left her feeling challenged by her limited social skills. With a change in location, a little luck, and a whole lot of drive and determination, she is on her way to an MBA!

Megan completed her home-schooling assignments and was basically finished school, however with no credentials. After a move to Canaan, Vt., a very special woman in her life mentioned that Northeast Kingdom Learning Services and the Canaan Learning Center could help her get an actual diploma. With instruction from Kenn Stransky and Suzanne Pelletier at the center, Megan participated in the Adult Diploma Program and graduated in 2011 from Canaan Memorial School.

Megan said, "I struggled with writing, I had to take a picture for a project and write a story, ugh, I failed miserably until Kenn, the Canaan Center manager, had me practice. Then it just clicked! I went on to write several pieces and got 100s! Kenn thought I'd be good enough to be an English major."

NEKLS and the Canaan Learning Center continued to help Megan with her applications for college and she is currently attending William Woods University in Missouri for her Equestrian Major with a pre-MBA in business as her minor. Megan expects to graduate in about five years with an MBA. Last semester she had a 3.8 grade point average.

Megan went on to say "I'm really proud of myself, I'm still working on the social skills but I did it and am doing well with support from my fiancé, future in-laws and a few special people in Canaan. I'll be married and fully educated and live happily ever after!"

If you would like to know more about NEKLS please visit our website at or contact any of our learning centers about the Adult Diploma Program or any of the other classes or services we offer. Be sure to like us on Facebook!

Submitted by Carrie Steele.


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