SHEFFIELD -- No, they are not performing medical operations on each other at the Miller's Run School this spring; they are making masks with art teacher Annie Gibavic. "I've been an art teacher for 20 years, but I've started making masks about 30 years ago" Gibavic said. When asked as a general question to all students what they like about this project, students agreed it was an engaging activity.

"I like it because you can design your own face," said fifth grader Marissa Patoine.

"I like painting it because it is fun," said sixth grader Lauren Bora.

Students start out by covering a partner's face with plastic wrap, making sure to leave a generous breathing hole around the nose. Next they dip strips of wet plaster-covered gauze, which was once used more commonly in casts on broken arms and legs, Gibavic tells students. The strips are covered over student's faces and left to dry for 15 minutes. Then, the masks are removed, set aside to dry further and, finally, painted and decorated.


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