Mobius Welcomes Seven New Members To Statewide Board Of Directors

Heather Bouchey

Mobius recently announce the election of seven new members to its Board of Directors. New additions Angela Ross, Anne Gallivan, Heather Bouchey, Lauren Brumsted Layman, Pam Quinn, Rebecca Majoya and Stephen Adams bring a wide range of experience and skills to the Mobius Board. Each new member has a unique background in working with youth, and collectively they represent the Mobius Board's transformation from a regional board into a statewide one, as a part of Mobius' expanded role as Vermont's Mentoring Partnership.

Heather Bouchey, Ph.D., acting associate academic dean for Enrollment Management at Lyndon State College, offers experience in facilitating collaboration between the college and the surrounding community. Bouchey also serves as director of Lyndon State's Leahy Center for Rural Studies, which is leading regional initiatives to help support K-12 youth in the Northeast Kingdom.

"Through our work in the Leahy Center for Rural Students at Lyndon State College, we've developed successful mentoring and outreach programs, helping students plan for and achieve their goals after high school and beyond," said Bouchey. "We know much about best practice in the field of mentoring at this point in time; now it's important to better evaluate how such experiences are linked with short- and long-term outcomes, for both mentors and mentees."

According to the "Mentoring Effect," a study released in 2014 by MENTOR (The National Mentoring Partnership), one in three youth in Vermont will enter adulthood without having a formal or informal mentoring relationship with a caring adult. Adult-to-youth mentoring is a proven strategy for encouraging positive youth development. Based on an abundance of national research, youth with mentors show improvements in school attendance, academic performance, pro-social behavior, and reductions in negative behavior such as substance abuse and engaging in physical violence.

Now in its second year as Vermont's Mentoring Partnership, Mobius supports more than 150 adult-to-youth mentoring program sites and 2,500 mentor pairs throughout the state. Mobius partners with the Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children, the A.D. Henderson Foundation, and the Vermont Agency of Human Services to provide around $300,000 in funding each year for mentoring programs across Vermont. Mobius also offers technical support to programs, maintains an online program directory and referral system for volunteers, manages a quality-based program management database, raises public awareness of mentoring, and works with programs to lead statewide mentoring initiatives. For more information about Mobius, and mentoring programs and initiatives in Vermont, visit


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