Monroe's Tyler Vosinek Is An All American Get Fit Student


Get Fit student Tyler Vosinek boots a ball around at Monroe School.

MONROE, N.H. -- Young athlete Tyler Vosinek's hockey loyalties may reside in Canada, but he is all-American through and through. He eats healthy, plays three sports, hunts turkey, slays deer, fishes remote lakes, and snowmobiles with his dad. Vosinek, a 13-year-old seventh grader at Monroe Consolidated School is the Get Fit Student of the Week.

"I play sports year round," he said. "When I don't have anything else to do I go home and play hockey in my garage."

Vosinek's first love is hockey and the Montreal Canadiens. It may be an ode to his Canadian roots considering his father hails from the frozen north.

"I started skating when I was three," said Vosinek, a lifelong Monroe resident. "I remember going to the [Monroe] Post Office because they had a rink in back."

Vosinek presently plays Bantam Tier 1 hockey with a league in Hanover, N.H. The team competed in 70 games this season, including a bout in the New Hampshire state finals. Vosinek is the goalie.

"I tried goalie once in Mites," he said. "The first time I tried it I just kept wanting to play more and more. Once I played my first game as goalie, that was it."

In the off season Vosinek competes in soccer and lacrosse. He formerly played baseball but just quit it for lacrosse.

Baseball was too boring. "I like the physical presence in lacrosse," he said. "Baseball is a little slow for me. I like fast paced sports."

Vosinek is presently playing lacrosse with a league in St. Johnsbury. He practices plenty at home too.

"I just throw the ball at my walls," Vosinek said. "I might have put a dent in my bedroom once."

Soccer is another of Vosinek's pursuits. He prefers attack positions on the pitch.

"I'm big on scoring goals because in hockey I have to prevent goals," he said.

Vosinek's dedication to athletics extends from the playing field to the kitchen. He is learning to eat healthy to improve his game. "I snack a lot on fruit," he said. "I eat celery a lot. I like yogurt too. I used to have ice cream almost every night before, but now I just don't. I realize how important eating healthy is to my athletic career, if you want to call it that."

Water is another priority for Vosinek. He drinks gallons of it. "Water is just so important because if you're dehydrated you can't play your best," he said.

Vosinek, following graduation from Monroe School, will attend St. Johnsbury Academy and play hockey there. His ultimate goal is a slot with the Canadiens after a college career on the ice.

Despite a deep passion for team sports, Vosinek is not limited to them. He loves snowmobiling, hunting and fishing.

"I go deer hunting, moose hunting and turkey hunting," Vosinek said. He has shot four deer and two turkeys so far. And he fishes with his father in bucket list locales like northern Canadian lakes that are only accessible by float plane.

Monroe Principal Leah Holz said Vosinek is a model student. He's inspirational too, she said.

"I've known Tyler since he was little," Holz said. "I think he is the most serious student I've ever met when it comes to athletics and hockey. I think his dedication is really impressive and admirable for someone who is so young. I think he is definitely going to be famous."

Vosinek regularly receives honors and high honors for academics. "His teachers and coaches are always very impressed he can keep school work and athletics balanced," Holz said.


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