NEK Workforce Heroes: A look at the area's rising stars: Lyndsay Beattie

Lyndsay Beattie

Our hero this week commuted four days a week and 100 miles each way while she was receiving her associate degree. During that time she juggled raising her young family, school, and her work as a personal trainer to manage gas money for her traveling. She completed her program and is currently working as a physical therapist assistant at Dan Wyand P.T. & Associates. Our hero this week is Lyndsay Beattie.

Lyndsay exemplifies a workforce hero because she returned to her hometown area and is working in an allied health field in the Northeast Kingdom (NEK). Lyndsay is from the Danville area and knew when she was looking at colleges that she wanted to get out of the NEK. While she was impressed with Lyndon State College (LSC) she says it felt too familiar to her. "I had a relationship with Lyndon State," Lyndsay said. "I ran on the cross country team with Chris Ummer because Danville didn't have a [high school] team and attended basketball camps there. My mom graduated with a degree from Lyndon but I really wanted to get away." The urge to leave the NEK led Lindsay to Nichols College in Massachusetts where she studied accounting for a year before returning home. It was during that year that she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her knee playing basketball and underwent physical therapy to recover. Lyndsay eventually left Nichols because she realized that she was more of a homebody than she previously thought.

Soon after, Lyndsay transferred to LSC and her experiences with her recovery caused her to add an exercise science degree to the accounting major she was currently working on. The exercise science program at LSC offers pre-­professional tracks in athletic training and physical therapy. In order to become a certified trainer or therapist, candidates would have to continue their schooling after graduating with a bachelor of science in exercise science.

Lyndsay laughs as she looks back at it. "I attended a college fair and won the door prize and it was an LSC sweatshirt," she jokingly calls it an omen as she continues, "I thought, "Oh, no, it's inevitable. I'm eventually going to be there." She says she was happy to make the switch and overall had a great experience both with the academics and the ability to run cross-­�country.

Upon her graduation from LSC, Lyndsay started her career at Dan Wyand's physical therapy office in 2009 as a personal trainer. She received a promotion to physical therapy assistant after finishing her associate's degree in allied health science from River Bend Community College in Claremont, N.H. in May of 2013. Lyndsay commuted 100 miles door to door in order to take classes focusing on general science and core physical therapy courses. The degree program requires that each individual participate in three six-­�week clinicals. Lyndsay says she was able to do those clinicals close to home. Two of her clinicals were offered through Wyand: one out of his Lyndonville clinic and the other in inpatient rehab at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. The third was offered through Cottage Hospital in Woodsville, N.H. Lyndsay says the clinicals offered an opportunity for hands-on experience that wasn't available in the classroom.

She says her days took a lot of planning, organizing, and time management and at that time she was lucky to have family in the area to help take care of her children. While Lyndsay doesn't plan on returning to school to receive her doctorate of physical therapy, she hopes to continue working at Dan's office for the long term. It allows her to work close to home and spend time with her family while raising her two children. Lyndsay's accounting degree does come in handy as she manages the books for her and her husband's dairy farm.

For more information on Lyndon State College's exercise science program contact the admissions office at 802-�626-­�6413 or For more information on River Bend Community College's allied health program please contact 603-542-­�7744 or The Community College System of New Hampshire offers a special tuition price structure for New England Regional Residents.

To learn more about education and training opportunities in the region, contact the VT Department of Labor.

Christina Cadorette is writing the NEK Workforce Hero column on behalf of Lyndon State College's Center for Rural Entrepreneurship and the NEK Workforce Development Team. She is a senior at LSC, studying Music Business Industry and Business Administration. Sarah Keller is a senior Visual Arts Student at LSC and has created the original artwork for the NEK Workforce Hero column banner.


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