GROVETON, N.H. -- The first day of school for all students is Aug. 30 at 8 a.m. at Groveton High School. Sixth graders will report to Room 322; seventh graders report to the library; eighth graders report to the cafeteria; and students in grades 9, 10 and 11 will report to the gymnasium. Seniors are to report to Room 121.

This year, Stratford High School students are being welcomed to GHS. The teachers, staff and administrators look forward to meeting these new students and are eager to begin the process of orientating them to the school.

The fall athletic season begins Aug. 15 with practices for boys and girls soccer. Call the school for starting times.

This year, two new staff members will be at Groveton High School. Paul Choquette, from Enosburg Falls, Vt., will be replacing Karen Blodgett in high school English. Choquette is a recent graduate of St. Michael's College and is eager to begin his career in education at GHS.

Linnzi Furman, from Guildhall, Vt., will be joining the staff in the science department. She will be teaching physical science, chemistry and physics. She earned her undergraduate degree at Bates College and earned a masters degree in bio-chemistry from Montana State University. Furman taught middle school math and science at the Brighton Elementary School in Island Pond, Vt. before joining the GHS staff.

Parents and students are encouraged to access information about the school through the school's new website ( and athletic schedules and school event schedules may be accessed through the website. Parents may gain access to their child's grades through the school's website as well. Login information to this site is available by contacting Karen Conroy at 636-1619.

Groveton High School has continued to add computer technology to the classrooms and instruction. This summer five interactive white boards have been installed in classrooms. With this addition, all core academic classrooms as well as the Computer lab, Spanish, and Business rooms have been outfitted with this new technology.

There will be a meeting for the parents of new students to the school on Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. in the school library. All policies and procedures will be reviewed with parents and a tour of the building will be given.

The guidance office will be open beginning Aug. 22 for students who need to register for school or for those students who have questions about their class schedules.

Students and parents are reminded that parking around the high school is limited. You are encouraged to walk to school if possible or car pool in order to avoid parking shortages. The parking lot across from the school has been designated by the town as a "permit only" parking lot for Groveton High School staff members.


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