North Country Charter Academy (NCCA) teamed up with Littleton High School, Profile School in Bethlehem, N.H., and Lin-Wood High School in Lincoln, N.H. to facilitate summer credit recovery success for their students. These students were excited that they were able to recover lost credit from the previous school year, and the NCCA staff was impressed with their adaptability and motivation.

All the students said that they liked the curriculum and the opportunity to catch up. NCCA staff can't emphasize strongly enough the match between the Edmentumâ?¢ curriculum and feasible credit recovery. With a report card transcript from each of the high schools, NCCA instructors set up a credit recovery plan tailored to each student. The students were handed what they were expected to accomplish, and they determined their own pace, attendance, and rate of success.

Attending and succeeding within the program was completely the students' choice. If they left early or came late, it was up to them to make sure that they were still able to finish their assignments. Teachers gave them ownership of their work and this worked extremely well. Eleven of 17 students earned complete credit in their courses and six recovered partial credit. Student feedback also provided positive affirmation that this program works well for these students.

Littleton student Zach Corliss had the opportunity to work on an Electrical Engineering course, a different approach to acquiring the science credit he needed. He found the ability to take this course interesting and helpful. The NCCA's Littleton site director, Jim Hicks, designed the course himself and was able to sit down with Zach and guide him through the material. Zach explained that the atmosphere, "... was good. It was very quiet, and it felt like you were learning a lot." He went on to say that the teachers were kind.

Another young woman said that at first she was not sure how the independent learning style would work for her, but as she went along, she began to appreciate the ability to go at her own pace. She accomplished her goal and earned credit in her Advanced Math course, giving her a great start to her senior year.

North Country Charter Academy's mission is to help students find success and stay on track to complete high school. AT & T's Project Aspire helped fund this program so NCCA may continue to offer it to the young men and women in the community. The summer program provides one more opportunity to realize this goal, and NCCA looks forward to another successful credit recovery partnership with Littleton , Profile and Lin-Wood high schools again next summer.


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