Prepared by Keith Pfeifer, interim superintendent.

We welcome Littleton students back for the first day of school on Monday, Aug. 27. SAU 84 includes Lakeway Elementary School (444-2831), Daisy Bronson Middle School and Littleton High School (444-5601), Hugh Gallen Career and Technical Center (444-5186), and Littleton Academy (444-3013).

Our staff includes: Kelly Noland, director of student services; Tom Mangels., business administrator; Kathy Bryan, administrative assistant to superintendent; Bonnie Ash, human resources and administrative assistant to the director of student services; Debby Hampson, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and administrative assistant to the business administrator; and Elaine Dole, office assistant.

Below are personnel changes, along with new staff joining the Littleton School District:

Lakeway Elementary School: Jessica Harvey, paraeducator; Laura Read, K-1 teacher; Lori Sorrell, paraeducator; Kristin Janes, paraeducator; to be announced, two paraeducators and a part-time music teacher.

Littleton High School: Rachel Angelias, mathematics teacher; Jeffrey Bergeron, science and physics teacher; Tricia Pennypacker, language arts teacher; Veronica Roche, mathematics teacher; Jeff Soule, athletic director; Wilma Weddington, special education teacher and case manager; Adam Reitsma, interim director of technology; to be announced, part-time music teacher.

Daisy Bronson Middle School: to be announced, part-time music teacher and a paraeducator.

Career and Technical Center: Mark Fiorentino, industrial technology teacher

Littleton Academy: Donna Simon, paraeducator; Lance Tucker, paraeducator.


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