"Operation Creation" To Begin At St. Johnsbury Academy July 8


St. Johnsbury Academy culinary teacher Jerry Prevost talks to Operation Creation ninth-grade students about preparing ice cream treats and making a menu, some of the first steps before the students begin selling ice cream and cutting boards at the Hilltopper Restaurant on Main Street in July this summer.

Since St. Johnsbury Academy's founding in 1842, the school has stressed that aspiration, resilience and responsibility are key ingredients to a successful and fulfilling life. The school has provided an independent and world-class education to local youth for 170 years.

By encouraging students to dream big and set high goals, persevere through hardships and challenges, and act ethically, respectfully and responsibly toward themselves and others, the Academy graduates hundreds of citizen-scholars each year who are ready to succeed in their post-secondary lives.

Set to begin on July 8 and hosted at the Academy, "Operation Creation" youth summer corps will help students entering Grade 9 embrace success and increase their achievement at the Academy and other area secondary schools. The youth corps will provide every eighth-grade graduate accepted for this opportunity to learn hands-on skills, increase mathematical acumen, heighten communication and literacy skills, and learn how to lead and be part of a dynamic team -- all while serving their community.

"The excitement and enthusiasm of this year's participants is infectious, exactly what you would want as you start a program like this," said Academy Headmaster Tom Lovett. "From the beginning of our Orientation on June 19 and throughout the three sessions of preparation and participation, I've been impressed by the energy, attentiveness and creativity of the students -- it reignites once again my deep optimism in our youth. They have named this year's program 'Operation Creation' and I can't wait to see what they will create not only for themselves but also for our community."

Working with Academy faculty, the 30-plus rising ninth-grade students from the St. Johnsbury area will produce ice cream products and wooden cutting boards, which will be for sale at The Hilltopper Restaurant on Main Street in St. Johnsbury beginning July 9. The Hilltopper site will be open for business, run by the students, to July 26 this summer; hours are Monday through Friday beginning July 9, from 10:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. For updates on the program, please go to www.stjacademy.org.


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