Orleans Elementary School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll and receiving Sportsmanship awards for the second and third quarters of the 2014-2015 school year.

Grade 7: Joslyn Hinton

Grade 6: Andrew Hicks

Grade 7: William Coburn, Lily Hoyt and Devin Landry.

Grade 6: Cheyenne Doar and Kaleb Peart.

Grade 5: Riley Blair, Benjamin Brown, Samantha Hinton, Sophie Michaud, Mya Peters and Tate Swanson.

Kindergarten: Riley Blow

Grade 1: Riah Jones

Grade 2: Abigail Beauchesne

Grade 3: Jasmine Reason

Grade 4: Caden Fortin

Grade 5: Benjamin Brown

Grade 6: Madison Locke-Fortin

Grade 7: Joslyn Hinton

Grade 8: Kody Smith

Grade 7: William Coburn and Joslyn Hinton.

Grade 5: Samantha Hinton

Grade 7: Lily Hoyt and Devin Landry.

Grade 6: Cheyenne Doar and Andrew Hicks.

Grade 5: Baylin McCarthy, Sophie Michaud and Tate Swanson.

Kindergarten: Ben Choquette

Grade 1: Braiden Demers

Grade 2: Tyler Blair

Grade 3: Kendra Dupree

Grade 4: Annabelle Coburn

Grade 5: Baylin McCarthy

Grade 6: Kaleb Peart

Grade 7: Wynston Bean

Grade 8: Cirell Brown


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