Oxbow Union High School in Bradford recently announced those students achieving the Principal's Honor Roll and Honor Roll for the fourth quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Class of 2014: Anna Cook, Kasie Craig, Jody Dow, Michael Hodge, Cassie Hutchinson, Eliza Russ, Amber Strock, Lauren Tomlinson and Meaghan Williams.

Class of 2015: Chase Andrews, Anthony Giesing, Carter Goodell, Rachel Lemay, Shelby Rosten and Madison Smith.

Class of 2016: Giovanna Carlson, Nicholas Daigle, Jennifer Emerson, Nicholas Grant, Colson Martin and Griffin Shaw.

Class of 2017: Natalie Barton, Claire Cook, Fern Fredella, Cassidy Pryer, Samantha Smith and Sarah Stevens.

Class of 2018: Leann Chen and Elizabeth Goodell.

Class of 2019: Zoe Barton, Lindsey Carbee, Megan Hebb and Hayoung Kim.

Class of 2014: Chelsea Bassett, Sarah Chamberlin, Emily Chase, Michaela Erno, Brian Fay, Savannah Fay, Brittani Fisk, Taren Gendron, Mikayla Hodge, Iris Moreno Garcia, Emilie Osgood, Rachael Shumway, Scott Sidney, Lawrence Smith, Molly Thompson and Heather White.

Class of 2015: Brandon Benoit, Hunter Bruleigh, Kelsie Chaffee, Henry DeRusha, Franklin Downing, Daniel Jones, Mitchell Magoon, Amelia McIntire, Sydney McIntire, Patrick Morrison, Christina Nanopoulos, Dimitri Nanopoulos, Cooper Pierson, Colin Serra, Kristena Taylor, Sean Tillotson, Jami Tuttle and Amanda Wheeler.

Class of 2016: Krista Baxter, Meghan Boardman, Haley Boyce, Timothy Carson, Ashley Chase, Frederic Clements, Cheyenne Dyer, Telrizeon French, Morgan Gray, Dylan Griffin, Madison Hart, Frances Hoag, Jordan Huntington, Hannah Martel, Kafré O'Connell, Jacob Senecal, Wren Smith, Jamie Stevens, Jessie Sylvester, Tyler Thurston and Hayden Tomlinson.

Class of 2017: Mary Bourgeois, Britteny Brocar, Taylor Deuso, Alexandria Giesing, Briggs Heffernan, Renee Jones, Dahlia Klarich, Kaitlyn Lafaille, Tyler Longmoore, Alyssa McLeod, Cayleigh O'Connell, Brandon Swett, Tausha Wark, Taylor Welch, Breanna Williams and Joseph Wood.

Class of 2018: Emily Carson, Jessica Daigle, Jonathan Drake, Addie Ellsworth, Zachery Fogg, Hannah Giesing, Isabella Giesing, Evelyn Mace, Breanna Robinson and Melanie Sidney.

Class of 2019: Lillian Bartlett, Seth Carson, Madison Fornwalt, Tristan Oakley, Jarret Rock, Timothy Rudder, Jackson Schramm and Hayley Thurston.


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