Peacham Elementary School Awarded Farm To School Grant


Peacham School students Destiny Noyes and Jacob Churchill, along with school guidance counselor Rose Sheehan, talk to Sen. Jane Kitchel about their first visit to the State House on Jan. 29.

Sixth-grader Destiny Noyes and fourth-grader Jacob Churchill, Guidance Counselor Rose Sheehan, and Principal Judith Ross, all from Peacham Elementary School, traveled to the State House in Montpelier on Jan. 29 to accept their $2,200 Farm-to-School award from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

The funds will be used to develop a comprehensive plan at Peacham School to create a sustainable Farm-to-School program bringing fresh food from local farms, including Peacham School's own school gardens, into the school menus. This planning grant will provide Peacham staff and community stakeholders opportunities to receive technical assistance and professional development supporting the school's instructional program.

The Farm-to-School funds will leverage another $2000 grant received from the Vermont Rural Partnership in the fall of 2014. PES students have decided to purchase a salad bar for school lunches so kids can make their own healthy choices.

"Having a salad bar at school will cut down on food being wasted because kids will take only what they want to eat" said Destiny and Jacob.

The school plans to seek additional funds to develop their Healthy Food-Healthy Choices program even further. Researching, planning, and implementing an effective composting program is one of their priorities for this school year.


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