LYNDON CENTER -- Lyndon State College recently announced the names of students who have achieved a high level of academic excellence in the just completed semester. Recipients were honored at a reception hosted by Lyndon State College President Joe Bertolino on Jan. 31.

President's List for the Fall 2012 Semester: Benjamin Adkins, Jeremiah Bouchard, Stephen Decatur, Rosalyn Devincentis, Benjamin Duplissis, Philomon Geertson, Eva Glidden, Megan Hassan, Cameron Marcoux, Christopher McCray, Julia McNeil, Jennifer Plecan, Rebecca Rodger, Erica Rumball-Petre, Claire Spear and Nathan Tomczyk.

For inclusion on the president's list, students have to complete at least 15 letter-graded credits with no incomplete or failing grades, grades in at least four different courses, and a perfect 4.0 grade-point average.

Dean's List for the Fall 2012 semester: Jennifer Adams, Dominick Agresta, Ashley Ahern-Mclaine, Jeremy Alderman, Philip Alexander, Rebecca Allen, Anthony Andrews, Ashley Ashford, Amanda Atwood, Taylore Aussiker, Julie Austin, Kevin Bacon, Andrew Baughn, Autumn Beaton, Chad Bechard, Kelsi Before, Ryan Behling, Emily Benning, Alexander Bolcon, Benjamin Bonneau, Robert Boskind, Deborah Boyle, Cody Brackett, Sonya Bridges, Katrina Brinkerhoff, Chelsea Brochu, Kristin Brooks, Darcey Burke, Sarah Burnett, Jessica Buxton, Tyler Cadorette, Kaitlin Call, Derek Campbell, Holly Cannon, Tyler Card, Jacob Carlton, Caitlin Celley, Mariah Chamberlain, Matthew Chamberlin, Elizabeth Chenard, Corey Child, Riley Childs, Kevin Christensen, Drew Clark, Kaleigh Clowery, Andrew Cochran, Sarah Coffin, Kali Colapietro, Taylor Cota, Shelby Coutu, Travis Cox, Jessica Curley and Mycah Cyr.

Also, Nicholas Dalena, Holly Davenport, Carol Davies, Krysta Davis, Louis DeAngelis, Tyler Deavitt, Lucia Debustos, Camille Delongis, Frances Desrochers, Morgan Diltz, Paul Donais, Matthew Doskocil, Tyler Dumont, Chase Dunham, Katheryn Ebner, Jillian Emery, Jena Finnegan, Lindsey Fitch, Emily Foehring, Andre Francoeur, Teagan Garbacik, Julie Gaul, Aaron Gingras, Joshua Grant, Mallory Greaves, Matthew Green, Ashley Greenlee, Lynzy Guyer, Amber Haas, Richard Hackett, Samantha Hale, Kenedi Hall, Hannah Harris, Alannah Hartwell, Nathan Harvey, Wesley Hatch, Jonathon Heiser, Jennifer Heroux, Tara Hersey, Rachel Hicks, Wendy Hilliard, Patrick Hilton, Abram Hinman, Kacie Holbert, Erin Holt, Joshua Hopmans, Michael Howard, Shera Howe, Troy Hradisky and Connor Hunt.

Also, Preslee Jacobs, Amanda James, Ryan Jenot, Charles Jobin, Katelyn Johnson, Jessica Jones, Akinori Kameda, Emma Kaplan, Rachel Kelley, Jonathan Kimball, Milan Krainchich, Kyle Kurtich, Brian Lacharite, Luke Lacroix, Allison Lafleur, Jimmy Lau, Matthew Leblanc, Jessica Ledo, Meagan Leduc, Anya Leiby, Joel Lenoir, Shiting Liang, Kenny Lioutas, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Lodewyk, Samantha Lubke, Hayle Lund, Michelle Lussier, Ryan Lyding, Kathleen Lyford, Anthony Macari, Shane MacDougall, Elizabeth Mainville, Benjamin Maizlish, Connor Maloney, Emily Marsh, Taylor Marthers, Matthew Martin, Gabrielle Mathewson, Charles Mauro, Francis McInerney, Jimmy Lynn Mead, Danielle Merchant, Chelsea Merrill, Alyssa Meyer, Christopher Micklus, Weston Miller, Erin Milne, Allison Moore, Nathan Moreland Scoggins, Jennifer Morin, Angelica Morrison, Tyler Morrison, Amy-Jo Morse, Anna Mumford, Sarah Murphy and Kristi Muzzy.

Also, Steven Neas, Ainsley Nettell, Patrick Newill, Timothy Nicholson, Amanda Norton, James O'Connor, Stella O'Donnell-Leach, Samantha Ornstein, Antony Paciulli, Christopher Paine, Haley Parker, Samantha Patoine, Timothy Patten, Chandler Pelletier, Jacqueline Perry, Nicholas Perry, Steven Perry, Nicole Pfahl, Megan Phelps, Danielle Pinson, Brandon Plourd, Joseph Poley, Jordan Racine, Michael Raimondi, Arthur Raskin, Michael Rebeor, April-Dawn Reeves Mathewson, Trevor Richmond, Isaac Ricker, Ian Robbins, William Roberts, Victoria Rouleau, Alyssa Rovella, Mark Russell and Nicholas Russo.

Also, Nicole Savoie, Luke Scheffler, Jeremy Schichtle, Shivani Seguin, Erica Seibert, Mary Sendobry, Katrina Seymour, Evan Shadowfax, Emily Slayton, Jeffrey Stalaboin, Phylicia Stebenne, Leslie Stewart, Brian Stone, Lindsey Striker, Joann Sundstrom, Courtney Taber-Meckes, Seth Talcott, Jackson Thibault, Aimee Thompson, Tyler Tinker, Casey Titus, Cassaundra Tricou, Edward Vallee, Arianna Varuolo-Clarke, Rachel Veitch, Kirstie Venne, Monica Vigneault, Catherine Vitale, Scott Vogel, Julianne Walshaw, Michael Walters, Christopher Wandzilak, Taylor Ward, Cassandra Warren, Alden Waterman, Chelsea Watson, Brandon White, Sean White, Paul Wilkins, Erin Wilson, Benjamin Yelle, Colin Young, Taylor Young, Rachael Zangla, Adele Zeh, Colton Zercher, Na Zhan, Jianchuan Zheng and Lie Zhou.

For inclusion on the dean's list, a student must have completed at least 12 graded credits with no incomplete or failing grades and a minimum grade-point average of 3.50.


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