Leslie Lockridge M.D. welcomes Kathryn "Kat" Mathieson APRN to his practice. A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, as well as a Registered Nurse, she will begin seeing patients on May 2.

"We are excited to have her join our practice," Dr. Lockridge said. "She is a welcome addition to our team."

Dr. Lockridge, whose office is located on 637 Union St. in Newport, has been providing oncology and hematology services to the people of the region for more than seven years. In addition, he also cares for the primary care needs of adult patients.

"This is another way this practice is trying to address the needs of our community," Dr. Lockridge said. "Having Kathryn join us isn't a luxury, it is a desperate need in the area." In addition, he said mental health and physical health are often interconnected, so having both components of health care under one roof will prove beneficial to the patients.

Mathieson, who also works for the Department of Corrections as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, brings with her a wealth of experience. A native of Southern California, Mathieson's father was a guidance counselor and basketball coach. Her mother was an x-ray technician. "I grew up in a family helping people."

She was a professional writer before her career in psychiatry, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and a Master's Degree in Environmental Writing from Goddard College in Plainfield. Although she still dabbles in writing, she graduated from the University of Vermont with an M.S. in Psychiatric Advance Practice in Nursing. She is scheduled to graduate from the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati in 2015 with a Ph.D in the Humanities.

Before working for Corrections, she was a Psychiatric Registered Nurse at the Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury, where she worked with severely mentally ill clients.

She is married to Derby native, Tom Rowden, and she has a teenage son, and she is the stepmother to Tom's two children.

"I get to meet the most amazing men and women each and every day," she said. "I get to hear stories, and listen to people who are doing their best in this crazy, crazy world. I get to help folks work out issues that are impacting their lives negatively."

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Kathleen Pelow, St. Johnsbury, a Modern Woodmen of America representative, has completed a five-day training program at Modern Woodmen's home office in Rock Island, Ill.

The program focused on helping families plan for life and reach their financial goals with Modern Woodmen. Speakers also covered topics including technology, fraternalism, underwriting and a number of other areas vital for success.

Founded in 1883, Modern Woodmen of America is a fraternal financial services organization offering financial products and fraternal member benefits to individuals and families throughout the United States.


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