The 2015 Regional Science Fair and Repurposed Art Contest is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, April 2, at the Colebrook Elementary School gymnasium. Set up for Science and Art projects starts right after school (3 p.m.), and judging starts at 4 p.m. This year's theme is "Motion and Movement," with the judges looking for projects that relate to moving objects and body movement and health.

The goal of the fair is to inspire citizens of all ages to engage in some fun project that will solve a question or problem they've been wondering about for awhile. Participants should have a poster outlining their project (Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion), along with some photos or their actual project or demonstration.

Registration forms for entering the 2015 Science Fair and the Repurposed Art Contest have been sent to each local school from Pittsburg to Canaan, Errol and Stark, along with flyers that outline the details. These same documents are also available online at

Deadline for submission of registration forms is Monday, March 30. Those who submit their forms to their school office, Linjo Creations, or to The Green Group, P.O. Box 447, Colebrook, NH or via email to: by March 30 will be eligible to win cash prizes offered by the Tillotson North Country Foundation. Entries submitted after the deadline will not qualify for cash prizes.

A new addition this year will be a STEM Challenge for all participants while they wait for the judges to make their final determinations of winners. This challenge has been going on for years, and continues to challenge folks to improve on the design.

A small supper will be supplied by the Colebrook Academy Key Club for participants (who get it for free), and for others who would like to purchase food for a small donation. Drink, sandwich, fruit, and chips are usually included.

School assemblies are being scheduled for the first few weeks of March. For more information, visit the website at: or call (603) 726-6992.


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