Thaddeus Stevens School Wins Vermont Recycle Bowl


Thaddeus Stevens School third- and fourth-grade students were the winners of the Vermont Recycle Bowl sponsored by Keep America Beautiful: front row from left, Mazie Burt, Ella Switser, Sterling Gilman, Tyler Gwatkin and Victoria Scherer; back row, Holden Newland, Abby Fillion, Austin Emmons, Haley Wenzel, Cameron Clark, Morgan Emmons and Charlie Lamont.

Thaddeus Stevens School third- and fourth-grade students led the rest of the school through collecting, weighing and dispensing all recyclable materials as they participated in the Vermont Recycle Bowl sponsored by Keep America Beautiful. The school looks for ways for each grade to lead the school through a specific event and they claimed the Recycle Bowl with vigor.

"We wrap our science program about the strands of stewardship and sustainability so this activity fit right in to our daily focus of study," says Ben Cookson, science teacher for third and fourth grades.

Students viewed the video "Addicted to Plastic" as part of their studies and researched the production of plastic.

Abby Fillion was amazed to learn that "the oil used to make fourteen (14) plastic bags could fuel a car for a mile." Many students set up recycling centers at home as a result of their studies at school.

The impact of stray plastic bags on the environment was also part of the research. "I liked collecting and weighing; I bet we saved a life."


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