The Littlest Hands Give Back To The Community


Delivering a batch of cookies for the free community lunch recently are: front row from left, Siri Jolliffe, Lily Garey-Wright, Brooke Haggett, Carson Eames, Ashley Clark and Matthew Simard; middle row, Odin Palmer, Emma Greenan, Coulson Angell, Wyatt Clark, Aiden Hagan and Camden Ely; and back row, Linda Brown, Kay Clifford and Beverly McCarthy.

Every Tuesday afternoon, the kindergarten class at Good Shepherd Catholic School, along with a parent volunteers, gives back to the St. Johnsbury community. They are busy baking cookies for their friends at North Congregational Church's free community lunch. As they are mixing and baking, they are learning important skills like measuring, cooperation, patience, and the selfless gift of doing something good for others.

An average weekly cookie count is about 210, and since kindergarten teacher Beverly McCarthy started this project in 2006, the total cookie count has risen to over 34,000.

After attending Mass at St. John The Evangelist Church on Wednesday mornings, the children walk the cookies to the North Congregational Church where lunch supervisor Kay Clifford greets them with a big smile and an empty bowl. Kay has been serving the St. Johnsbury community for over eight years and stated that she enjoys seeing the student's bright faces, happy voices, and beautiful smiles.

"It brings a smile to my heart to see all of their cheerful faces; I look forward to them coming every week." The children leave with happy hearts, knowing they have helped to bring joy to others.

This project could not happen without all of the generosity of many parents who donate the necessary baking ingredients and who also give their time to help with the baking process. The kindergarten class is also looking for an angel that might help with this process by donating a heavy duty mixer to their school. If you might be able to help these little hands, call 802-751-8223.


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