'Tis The Season


Danville senior Jennie Moore is shown with the toys donated for the Santa Fund.


A senior at Danville School

It's the time of year is a time for giving, and that's just what the students at Danville School are doing. From food drives, to dances, to Christmas tree sales, and collecting toys and winter gear, students are doing it all. Giving to the local food shelf or sending funds to New Jersey to help a school devastated by Hurricane Sandy, Danville students, their parents, teachers and the community are helping those in need.

Rita Kitchel, a speech and language pathologist assistant at Danville School, has a friend who lives in Lavallette, N.J. Their daughter works as an EMT and went to the school to help after Hurricane Sandy. Located in mid New Jersey near the coast, the Lavallette School is a K-8 district with 168 students. The school is unusable at this time because of damages from Hurricane Sandy and has been relocated to a local church.

The Yearbook/Journalism class at Danville School decided to host a dance to raise money for The Lavallette School. With just a few weeks to plan the class got to work gathering music, making decorations, and getting the word out to other schools. The students pitched in by buying drinks, making food, and donating and creating decorations. After a rousing night of dancing in the school cafeteria, the yearbook was able to donate $265 towards the Lavallette School fund.

Another charity Danville students are working with is the Santa Fund, an organization run by the St. Johnsbury Fire Department. They gather toys donated by the community and give them to families in need during the holiday season. The Class of 2015 is raising money by selling Christmas trees and hopes to make nearly $500, $200 of which they will donate to the Santa Fund. Along with fourth-grader Aiden Nitsche, the National Honor Society is collected new toys, mittens and hats to donate to the Santa Fund. The Freshman class hosted a movie night on Saturday the 15th to babysit kids so parents could shop or wrap presents; 25 percent of the proceeds went to the Santa Fund. The Penny War fundraiser hosted by Student Council challenged each homeroom brings in pennies and other loose change. They raised $1030 to donate the Santa Fund.

Danville School may be small and when we decide we want to help out we do it in a big way! Every fundraiser has been a success and Danville Students will continue with the spirit of giving long after the end of the holiday season.

"I am both humbled and impressed with the fundraising that Danville students have done for the Santa Fund recently," says Danville 9-12th grade Principle Noah Noyes. "They have worked diligently to provide for those in need this holiday season and have done so with compassion and sincere motivation. I am extremely proud of their efforts to make our world a better place and thank the greater Danville School community for their generosity and support of these exceptional young people."


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