NEWPORT -- The new school year is just around the corner and lots of things have happened at United Christian Academy during the last few months. The first day of school for K-7 and all new students is Sept. 4. The first day of school for grades 8-12 is Sept. 5.

Teaching assignments for the 2012-2013 Academic Term are as follows:

Lower School Faculty: Kindergarten, Cheryl Saaman; Grades 1 and 2, Joanne Bickford; Grade 3, Sherry Howard; Grade 4, Kathy Beals; Grade 5 and Art K-12, Alyssa DeLaBruere; Grade 5, permanent substitute, Amy Kelly; Grade 6, Debra Partridge.

Upper School Faculty: Michelle Smith, math; Jill Czelusta, science and math; Carol Ann Barker, junior high English and ESL; Jonathan Barker, high school English, Catholic Bible; Jim Smith, history, Catholic Bible; Jay Gerber, French and math; Harry Howard, general studies, math, Bible; Wendy Lippmann, anatomy and physiology; Melissa Larabee, Sevenstar Academy Internet Portal supervisor; Dr. Richard O'Hara, Bible; Deborah Kirsch, computer 7/8.

Specialists: Joanne Lawson, high school choir; Carolyn Hillriegel, lower school choral music, El.Bells and High School Bells; Molly Smith, grammar school physical education; Carrie Barker, yearbook advisor.

Kathy Beals has been hired to teach Grade 4 this year. Beals has been the fourth-grade permanent substitute for the past several years and will take over responsibilities for Grade 4. She is well known to the UCA community, students and parents.

Alyssa DeLaBruere is a UCA veteran who will move to Grade 5 this year. She will continue to teach art in grades K-12 each week.

Amy Kelly will take Kathy Beals place and will serve as our permanent substitute each week when Mrs. D. teaches art. Kelly attends the Newport Center Methodist Church where Dr. O'Hara serves as pastor. She grew up attending Christian schools and both of her parents are Christian School teachers. Her son, Morgan is already signed up for UCA Kindergarten for the fall of 2013.

Jay Gerber joins the full-time faculty in the Upper School after serving in a part-time capacity last year. He will be teaching French and mathematics.

Wendy Lippmann returns to teaching at UCA after a few years off to raise her growing family. She will be teaching anatomy and physiology in the Upper School.

Carolyn Hillriegel returns to UCA to teach grammar school music and to conduct our El.Bells and High School bell choir.

Molly Smith is a graduate of UCA who has been assisting us in the grammar school PE program for the last year. She will take over this year as our grammar school P.E. teacher.


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