Walk Through St. Johnsbury On The StoryWalk


St. Johnsbury School mascot Crimson is shown with Brianna Laue’s first-grade class who are holding several book pages that will be posted in Downtown St. Johnsbury for the Storywalk Project this summer.

By Ava Clark, Tristan Miller, Emily Rice and Jericho Rutledge

Sixth-grade students at The St. Johnsbury School

What are you doing this summer? One thing you might want to do is visit the StoryWalk on Railroad Street between Eastern Avenue and Portland Street. Let us tell you what StoryWalk is all about.

The StoryWalk is about providing opportunities for children and families to spend time walking downtown from business to business reading pages of a story together. Each book in the StoryWalk Project will start at Union Bank and end at Keene Medical. The first book will be up by July 1st, the second book will be up by July 15, the third will be up by July 29, and the last switch will be August 12. There will be about 14 days to walk and read each book. More information will be posted at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center.

Our first book is Sam and the Firefly. Look for other firefly books throughout the summer.

We are giving full credit for the idea of StoryWalk to Anne Ferguson. Anne Ferguson lives in Montpelier, Vt., and got together with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library and the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition to establish the StoryWalk. The StoryWalk on Railroad Street is sponsored by our amazing St. Johnsbury School staff.

Our goal is to keep our community reading in the summer. We would also like to thank these businesses for letting us put our StoryWalk pages in their windows: Moose River Lodge, Jennifer Fashions, Boxcar and Caboose, Rollickers Bike and Boards, Podo Shoe Store, Verizon, Artisans Guild, The Frame Dames, The Knitting Gnome, Aqua Realm, Caplan's, Artful Eye, Rent -A- Center, Gauthier's Pharmacy, Keene Medical Products and Union Bank.

We hope to see many happy faces around downtown reading this summer! See you then!


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