White Mountains Regional High School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2011-2012 school year.

Grade 12: Kelsey Bennion, Molly Galasyn, Kelsie Schanlaber and Brittani Willey.

Grade 11: Helen Jacobs and Kaitlyn Mullen.

Grade 10: Nicholas Barker, Ethan Call, Amrita Sood, Ryan Wilkinson and Kaitlyn Wood.

Grade 9: Julia Kamins and Jessica Schanlaber.

Grade 12: John Alexander, Spencer Allard, Mikala Bastian, Amy Belanger, Leighann Bell, Bryanna Bennett, Megan Berish, Jacob Brady, Emily Brisson, Marina Camilotti, Dionna Caswell, Kalman Csigi XIV, Nicole Currier, Lindsey Desrochers, Brandy Dreyer, Douglas Gorman, Benjamin Hampton, Tiffany Harrington, Savanah Hatfield, Morgan Landry, Alex Leonard, Jacqueline Lowell, Mark Lufkin Jr., Kimberly McGee, Reilley McGee, Hunter McKearney, Cristeena Monahan, Danielle Patterson, Cassandra Pillard, Annabelle Pribbernow, Carlotta Sanchez, Sara Selensky, Eryn Voigt, Brittani Willey and Brandi Wise.

Grade 11: Christopher Cass, Kaelin Chancey, Payton Ann Curtis, Grace Ezyk, Hannah Gauthier, Paul Gesel, Ronald Gooden Jr., Coleton Hogan, Chelsea King, Jaclyn Kleinschrodt, Laura Kopp, Sara Langlois, Cody Lanpher, Samantha Mason, Scott Merritt, Chelsea Payer, Tara Ramsdell, Savannah Rose, Emily Sheltry, Cynthia Wade and Emily Wood.

Grade 10: Nathan Accardi, Kayla Bosse, Madison Brigati, Jacinda Cinelli, Emily Cook, Camille Frenette, Ashley Gooden, Benjamin Higgins, Alexander Husson, Hunter Lamphere, Gillian McCreedy, Quinlin Odell, Aunnah Sheridan, Hyunji Song and Ashlee Wetherbee.

Grade 9: Monica Almeida, Shelby Atlas, Jordan Bastian, Abigail Call, Danielle Chancey, Caroline Foster, Katelyn Haskins, Kyleigh Heard, Rebecca Hicks, Christy Laflamme, Brandon LaLonde, Brett MacKillop, Jacob Nelson, Michael Pearson, Sarah Potter, Grace Pribbernow, Benjamin Rexford, Jillian Rooney, Steven Shearer, Gabrielle Stevens, Baileigh Stillings, Ashley Vaughan and Walter Voigt.


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