Woodsville High School recently announced those students achieving the Principal's List and the honor roll for the second quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Class of 2014: Julia Bowman, Katherine Emley, Sarah Liang, Shawn Marro, Elizabeth Rushford, Hanna Stewart and Cassidy Townsend.

Class of 2015: Daniel Abrahamsen, Joshua Burke, Brittany Derrington and Cheyenne Dunnells.

Class of 2016: Hope Cataldo, Danielle Martin, Rainie May, Madyson O'Shana and Christopher Sarkis.

Class of 2017: Vajl Adamkowski, Joseph D'Angelo and Jillian Mason.

Class of 2014: Joseph Abrahamsen, Tyler Avery, Allan Ball, Kevin Cowles, Thomas D'Angelo, Alexis Emerson, Alyssa Emery, Julie Eno, Jenna Guilman, Jesse Hatch, Jennifer Hill, Constance Lankiewicz, Meghan Levreault, Mariah Mallett, Louisa Noble, Brooke Spencer, Brandon Start, Mona Strauss, Andrew Varney, Carrie Vogt, Jasmine Walker and Justin Woods.

Class of 2015: Kylie Baird, Robert Butler, Caleb Driscoll, Emily French, Jason Fullerton, Ariel Hood, Michael Lamarre, Jaime LoCascio, Alexandria Meisenheimer, Ryan Olsen, Lottie Page, Laura Rutherford, Mayghan Simano, Samantha Thurston and Benjamin Toomey.

Class of 2016: Barbara Brake, Philip Cadreact, Jordan Clark, Jacob Clifford, Tori Clough, Kirsten Coe, Geremy Enboden, Samuel Fairfield, Jeremy Fitzsimmons, Alyssa Griffin, Cassy Hatch, James Hurley, Sherry Lin, Derek Maccini, Chase Miller, Marshall Orr, Kassidy Patoine and Sasha Segal.

Class of 2017: Eliza Boutin, Courtney Derrington, Erin Haley, Kayla Horton, Joseph Mitchell and Samuel Pushee.


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