A collective sigh

To the Editor:

18 minutes ago, Allen Prue was found guilty of 1st Degree Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Kidnapping. I believe that I actually heard a collective sigh of relief from our community. Personally, my anxiety was very high yesterday, last night, and increasingly higher this morning until the verdict was read. I, like many in our community, have never felt like this. For 2 ½ years we wanted justice for Melissa. 18 minutes ago, one half of that justice was achieved.

I love this community. I love that we are stronger now than we were 2 ½ years ago. I love that people can cry openly together about the tragic death of Melissa and keep crying with the celebration of a conviction for one of her killers.

My memories of Melissa are few. I knew her when we both attended the St. Johnsbury Middle School, and she had a love of cows. She loved them! She had cow socks, and she was the sweetest kid around. My next memory of her wasn't until years later, and I was a business owner and she was a customer. She was just as sweet as she was in the 7th grade, but instead of cow socks, pink was her thing. Melissa wore a cute, puffy pink jacket and had a smile and a sweet grace that I will never forget.

After the trial of Patrica Prue is over, and I am confident in Lisa Warren and her team to prove her guilty as well, I am determined to never mention Allen or Patricia Prue again. They don't deserve my thoughts. They don't even deserve my anger. They deserve nothing. I will think of Melissa in her puffy pink jacket and her sweet grace and I will have faith that her family and friends will heal. Their hearts and their minds will heal. This community will stay strong, and that is because of Melissa.

Thank you.

Cari Carlet

Concord, Vt.


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