A dire predicament

To the Editor:

I have just read the letter to the editor published 8/27/14 under the heading "Victims of industrial wind" written by Luann Therrien, and was deeply touched by the predicament her family is in. Every reader of the Record should have been touched as well were they able to wear her shoes.

In the name of creating renewable energy, a family should not be required to suffer physically , or see the biggest asset they own (their home) trashed. Is this America? Is this how we treat our citizens? Perhaps we should think about it as tomorrow it may be you or I needing to 'buck the system.'

This family needs help, and it should not have to come from charities or sympathizing countrymen. It should come from those who caused the problem to arise! Do I hear an argument against this?

So ... who caused their problem? It may be found in these words from her letter: "The Public Service Board (PSB) has held meetings and workshops to try and hear both sides of the story. Now you would be led to believe that both sides would be given equal time to be heard. No, that couldn't be further from the truth. The developers' side has gotten most of the time while attending Victims have to sit and be further insulted and mistreated in the process and are lucky to speak at all. We attended the PSB's Morrisville workshop and will never participate in another unless it is to protest. It was that much of an insult." If you have not done so, please read her entire letter. Prior to construction, the Board did not require health studies to be done, nor did they consider those done elsewhere in the world.

I can tell you from personal experience that quite often meetings "to hear both sides" by legislative committees, boards, etc. is only a pretense to fulfilling official requirements, and have nothing to do with honest search for truth on either side. Been there, done that. After one such meeting, one of the panel discreetly informed me that although right was on our side the bill was going to pass, and we should step aside or be flattened by the steam roller. This is the way 'business is done' among those we entrust with our faith to do what is right, and the will of the people. This kind of behavior is politics and cronyism at its very worst. But is it democracy?

Since those who sit on these meetings, most elected by you and I, have already decided a thing is going to be done, or not done, and whose decisions pass the laws and create the problems, why not hold them liable and accountable??? Do they have automatic immunity from responsibility?

I think not!!!

It is high time you and I demand better ... because in the final analysis it is we ... you and I ... who have caused the Therrien children to be sick, the parents robbed of their home, and both denied their constitutional right to 'life ,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' What are we going to do? Nothing ... or something?

Submitted with respect,

Phyllis Donovan

Wheelock, Vt.


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