Affordable healthcare

To the Editor:

So, you think it is wrong for Uncle Sam to make you buy health insurance. Tell me, do you prefer soda, Kool-Aid, or any of the beverages designed to be sweet and make your insulin spike or do you prefer water? When you eat, as all living things must, does your food come in a box, a bag or a can with added sugar, salt and/or fat, or was it grown in the garden, grass fed, and fresh; did you fry it in more fat, or boil out all the nutrients? After dinner are you parked in front of the television, maybe you are having a cigarette, or are you going for a brisk walk? How often do you shut off the constant barrage of commercial and non-commercial information allowing your mind to rest? Are you sleeping, uninterrupted, for six to nine hours each night?

Healthcare is expensive because millions of people hydrate with sugar and fuel up with salt and fat, all while watching commercials advertising sugar, salt and fat on their big screen television. Diabetes is expensive, obesity is expensive, heart disease is expensive and cancer is expensive, and when someone without health insurance with a problem relating to any of the fore-mentioned afflictions visits the hospital it is expensive and the cost of healthcare goes up for everyone.

If everyone buying health insurance will make health insurance affordable for everyone I will gladly pay my share because everyone should have health insurance. I will also be eating healthy, exercising routinely, and taking time away from the information bombardment to rest my mind because the only way to bring down the cost of health insurance is to be healthy and when I do have to go to the hospital I will be happy I have health insurance to keep it affordable.

Jonathan F Brinkerhoff

Sutton, Vt.


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