All fall down

To the Editor:

A tree on my property is symbolic of the present state of the U.S. economy. During the third week of August a few leaves start dropping off. No big deal, there are thousands left. But then more start falling and then I realize the tree will be bare by the end of September. And so it is.

When Stockton, California declared bankruptcy, again no big deal. But then other California cities followed suit, and now Los Angeles is drowning in debt. So also is Chicago. In fact, someone said the State of Illinois might be the first state to declare bankruptcy. Many other American cities are in the same trouble, because when your outgo exceeds your income your upkeep will be your downfall.

Serious thinking people are beginning to wonder when the tree will be bare. When and if the U.S. economy collapses we won't be able to afford twenty dollars for a Big Mac, and America will be just one more third rate power. We need to start electing statesmen who will think of the next generation, instead of politicians who think only of the next election. It's not too late, but we are fast approaching the point of no return. We cannot continue indefinitely spending more than we are taking in.

W. Norman MacFarlane

Orleans, Vt.


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