To the Editor:

The Sci Fi Channel show Ascension is over and now we can comment on it. It finished the three days of the show on Wednesday and was excellent. As a sci fi fan I appreciate how original it was. Based on the real life Project Orion, (NASA) the TV show's premise is that 600 people can be loaded into a huge interstellar spaceship and flown to Alpha Centauri the nearest star system to Earth. 4.3 light years away it will will take 100 years. It's 50 years since the blast off and now the second generation of people are running the mission in space, so they think. As the story develops we find out that the Ascension spaceship never really left earth. Instead they are under ground and being watched by mad scientists experimenting on Mankind hoping to create a new breed of super telekinetic beings. At the end one young girl demonstrates that she indeed has these powers and somehow at least one crew member gets to Alpha Centauri.

The main plot of the show for me is that all these people and their grandparents on the spaceship actually believed they were in space and heading to Alpha Centuari. The mad scientist says, "would you want to know that the spaceship never left Earth if you were on board for 50 years?" This all sounds very familiar. We all have our own little "Ascensions" in life. Whether we are locked into a career and think we're headed for the top or in a bad relationship and think it will work out, we all have denial about the truth. We are the last to find out the truth. That's why this TV show was so good. It's about life here on Earth.


Tom King

Shaftsbury, Vt.


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