Being heavy-handed with the teacher

To the Editor:

The juxtaposition of the cartoon on March 20 with the article on the facing page set me to thinking. One of the major problems with public education these days is the adversarial relationship between teachers and much of the public.

When I was teaching years ago I hated to have snow days, or one-day holidays. I planned my lessons (remember curriculums and lesson plans?) on a five-day cycle. For the first four days I presented the information, reviewed and reinforced, and on the fifth (Friday) we had a test. That gave the students the week off with no homework, and it gave me the weekend to grade papers and reports, update student standings and organize the material for the following week.

I've always felt that the best results, whether at school, in the shop, or in the community were achieved when everybody pulled together.

Heavy-handedness and controversy don't get the job done; they are more likely to gum up the works.

Iris W. Baird

Lancaster N.H.


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