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Benghazi Hearings - Clara Schoppe

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Benghazi hearings

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank Marion Mohri for his kind letter to the editor which corrected my own earlier letter regarding the Sept. 19, 2013 Benghazi hearings.

It is true that I was reacting to an online news report that the Democrat Committee Members, including VT Representative Welch, walked out of the room en masse before the grieving relatives could present their testimony. (I have had the experience of writing Representative Welch directly, and Senators Leahy and Sanders as well, on various issues on which they are voting and have come to the conclusion that they don't read my letters; what I get back are form letters that might vaguely fit the category in which my concerns might be pigeonholed. Because of this, I feel if I want my legislator to read what I have to say, I have a better chance of that happening by sending it off to the newspapers.)

That being said, I reacted strongly to what I saw as a grave injustice to the grieving families who deserved more respect than the report claimed they received. I wrote my protest and sent it off immediately in the hopes that some aide of Congressman Welch would see it in the paper and show it to him, thereby giving him a better chance of reading it than if I wrote to him directly.

Mr. Mohri, on the other hand, took the time and trouble to search out whether the story was actually true. I am grateful that he did, in that I did not previously know that there even was a Congressional Oversight Committee website.

After reading his excellent letter, I searched out this site and found that Mr. Mohri was certainly correct when he wrote that only 5 Republican and 2 Democrat Congressmen remained to hear the testimony of the families of the slain men. While I was sorry to see that what he wrote is true, then that means that there are more Oversight Committee members than Peter Welch who should be ashamed of themselves.

But these others are not my Representatives; only Peter Welch is, so I chastise Peter Welch and leave it to constituents of the other Congressional Committee Members to hold the feet of their own Congressmen to the fire.

Clara Schoppe

St Johnsbury, Vt.


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