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Bill Parcels and the Dolphins scandal? - Tom King

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Bill Parcels and the Dolphins scandal?

To the Editor:

Everybody around our area loves Bill Parcels. Even if you're not a Giants fan, Parcels represents everything most football players and fans most respect in a man and a coach. For those of us who played football he reminds us of our old HS and college coaches, tough, but fair, always plugging away to win. Bill was in the front office for the Dolphins and he hired Jeff Ireland as GM and Incognito was also brought on board. Now Ireland and Incognito are stuck in the muck of the Dolphins latest mess with bullying, harassment and other forms of abuse of players. Jonathan Martin, who left the team in disgust of his fellow player's behavior towards him, is now giving a statement to the NFL Commissioner about the mess. Ireland told Jonathen Martin's agent that he should just punch Incognito, but then denied any knowledge of the bullying. Parcels then stated that he believes that players will sort out their own "locker room" issues and that Incognito was a "model citizen" when he was there. Coach Parcels does not agree with the hiring and firing of coaches at the Dolphins after he left, but firmly believes that the players will not tolerate racists, bigots or abuse between players. He believes that players have their own way to police the locker room. As far as the scandal, Parcels wants to see and hear all the facts before commenting.

That all sounds good until you stop to appreciate what Martin must have felt like while being subjected to various forms of harassment and abuse by fellow players. The coaches told Incognito to toughen Martin up, so complaining to them would be futile. So, he had to either fight them one at a time, act like them and bully his way to the inner circle , say nothing. endure the abuse or leave the team behind. Not great choices! So, if in Coach Parcel's words the players do police the locker room, for Martin that didn't happen. The players and coaches have denied any knowledge of the abuse. The policing of the locker room that Coach Parcels is talking about is like frontier justice. Is it fair to all parties and does it protect innocent victims? No to both questions! Jonathan Martin did what he felt he had to. Now the locker room police are on trial!


Tom King

Shaftsbury, Vt.


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