Celiac Sprue

To the Editor:

I would like to direct this letter to the people who are living with Celiac Sprue and are on a gluten free (wheat free) diet. My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue in 2005. We are still learning about it. Whenever my husband and I go shopping we are aware of how many more people there are who are looking for gluten free food and checking the list of ingredients on the packages and cans. It is tedious but necessary because not all the ingredients are gluten free. A list of gluten free ingredients can be found by asking Google.com and will not only list the safe ingredients but also the unsafe ingredients. Be sure to copy them and carry the lists with you at all times. This would also be a good idea for people (including parents of children) who have other allergies.

Gluten free food is expensive, so before anyone rushes into buying products for cooking your own food, I would suggest that you try the already prepared food that local grocery stores carry, for instance frozen foods. And breads, pizzas, rolls, muffins, etc. can be found in the frozen food section. Also, cereals can be found in the gluten free section as well as cookies. Just ask the clerks for help. They will be glad to show you where to look. Of course snacks are very important, so if you like pretzels we just found out that White's Plaza Market in Lyndonville carry the Snyders Gluten Free pretzels. I am not Celiac but I have to say that those pretzels are delicious. So if you don't see what you are looking for at your favorite market, be sure to ask the clerk at the courtesy desk if he or she would be able to order what you need. I say NEED because you have to eat and if you are Celiac than you need to eat the proper food. If your market cannot or will not order what you need, than go to the one who will. There are many Gluten Free magazines available in the stores and the doctors are always learning new ways to treat Celiac so you have to keep up a constant vigil to stay up to date about it just like technology. I hope that this letter will be of help to you, but be sure to ask your Doctor of Gastroenterology for a list of ways to help you cope with your Celiac as well as how to prepare your food in a safe environment in your home. That is very important. Thanks for your time.

Joy Clark

Lyndonville, Vt.


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