Clean up the poles in St. J.

To the Editor:

It is amazing how many people do not take down their yard sale and other signs that litter the town after the sale is complete. I have seen some signs that have been there for weeks after the sale. I know that yard sales help out a lot of people who need that extra money, but they need to think about the community they live in.

So what I plan to propose to the select board is to either give a warning or even a fine for first timers and definitely a fine for second and third timers. Each time they do it the fine should get stiffer and stiffer to teach them how to be responsible, which they should know better. Most of them have the street number and address right on them so it would not be hard to find them. I know the police would not have time to do this but all the select board would have to do is to find a volunteer to go out and issue a ticket to these people.

I know this is a small matter of concern to the town with everything else going on, but I do hope that the board will take this up at one of their meetings.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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