Coach Joe Paterno

To The Editor:

The despicable allegations related to child rape emanating from Pennsylvania State University in recent days only underscore the problems in collegiate sports that ensue from the near-deification of high profile Division I college football program coaches.

That Mr. Paterno did not resign his position long ago in the face of seemingly credible eye witness accounts on two occasions in the past 13 years of child abuse inside Penn State athletic facilities by a trusted coaching lieutenant and confidante is sadly not surprising from a man who cavalierly accepted, and then just as quickly broke and walked away from post haste, a contract to serve as head coach with The New England Patriots in December 1972 as a seeming bargaining chip with his Penn State administrators.

The so-called Coach "Joe Pa's" grinning visage outside his home in State College, Penn., after the scandal broke as some 500 students serenaded him with late night chants of "We Are Penn State" was a sight to behold. The situation long ago called for job resignation, mortification, and an immediate trip to the District Attorney's Office for a full confession of known events related to his former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky's perfidy with children -- not an impromptu pep rally while Paterno basked in self-adulation amidst his moral blindness.


Christopher E. Ryan

Alexandria, Va.


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