Concord S.O.S

To the Editor:

Connie Quimby was recently on TV claiming that all your children's educational needs can be met at the Concord High School. I would think Connie, who is the chair of the S.O.S group in Concord, might have given a little more thought before uttering such grandiose claims. Does Connie know what all Concord students will need to be productive members in a capitalistic economic system? So that being said, let's expand on this example of what Connie knows.

Why leave Concord, Vt., to shop at Shaw's, White Market or Price Chopper when we can get all we need at Barnie's Carry Out? The mini-mart has all the basic food groups, so why leave? Why go to stores with a large selection of foods to create a healthy rounded diet?

Maybe the S.O.S group should do all their shopping at Barnie's. Is this not the theory that is being pushed by Connie Quimby when it comes to education!

Bill Smith

Concord, Vt. and Arizona


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