Consider Marty Feltus

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage you to consider voting this November for Marty Feltus for Caledonia County-4 Legislative District Representative for the towns of Burke, Lyndon, and Sutton.

I have known Marty for many years as a fellow Lyndon citizen, a customer at my store, as a member of various boards and committees serving the Town of Lyndon, and as a person who always seems to be helping other people. Marty has been enjoyable to deal with as a customer and a pleasure to know as a friend. She has been hardworking, knowledgeable, and fair during her board and committee duties for the Town of Lyndon. She is able to chair meetings in a way that allows people to express their opinions and at the same time making sure there is a civil tone. She has the ability to listen to all opinions and bring people together to get things done. Marty does this in a manner that commands respect for both her and the process. A feat not all of us who chair public meetings can do.

When I heard that Marty was running for House Representative for Burke, Lyndon, and Sutton, I was happy to see a person of her caliber decide to run. Shortly after I heard, I saw Marty outside the Lyndonville Post Office. I remember stopping her and saying to her: "Thank you Marty for offering to run for House Representative. I'm voting for you anyway, but I sure hope you are a Republican"! She laughed and said "Thank You" and yes she was a Republican.

I thought later that day what a great political candidate Marty Feltus is. How fair and transparent she has always been in her public office dealings all these years that I did not know that she was Republican. I only knew that Marty was what I considered a political candidate worthy of my vote, which I do not take lightly. What better show of support can a 4th generation Lyndon conservative give to a candidate?

Please vote in November and please strongly consider voting for Marty Feltus.

Thank you.


Dave Stahler

Lyndon Center, Vt.


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