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To the Editor:

Jack Lindley III's been appointed as assistant parliamentarian and is serving on the Credentials Committee for the national convention. Very interesting. I was FORCED to be a named alternate to the Vermont convention even though I had specifically and without question told those responsible for adding my name that I would not be an alternate.

My name was added by someone to the "ALTERNATES to the VERMONT CONVENION" (their spelling). Apparently in Vermont if you are chosen, you have no choice. Michael Popowski, attorney responding to inquiry from Jack Lindley III, State Party Chair, states mistakes should be guarded against. Lindley tells me in his May 8 letter, "As you requested, those names have now been deleted." Untrue. My name was called at the convention on May 19.

None of those responsible for insuring that elections are held according to law have taken any action: Secretary of State Condos, nothing; William Sorrell failed to even answer my letter; Tom Kelly, my state's attorney, will not act without police action and Washington County sheriff tells me he isn't allowed to investigate anything. I've yet to report to the state police but have little hope. Attorneys aren't sure any law has been broken; however, when I ask how they would like to have their names used - it makes them very uncomfortable but they still can't see a case. I call it identity theft of the worse kind.

So in Vermont do not attend anything Republican (also Democrat as Sorrell is (D)) or you could be chosen and most likely have no choice but to be associated with Republican (Democrat) for life whether or not you want to be! Understand how the parties are run and how little integrity in either party.

Laura Brueckner

Waterbury Center, Vt.


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