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To the Editor:

Let us take a few minutes out of our busy schedule and see how many cards a gal and her husband and her mom can receive in the state of Washington. Mary Mathews, whose husband is from the Northeast Kingdom and is serving his country in the Navy, has been very ill and almost died for the need of a heart. She was to the point where she was not allowed to do any exertion at all and was at deaths door. At the last moment, in the middle of the night, she received her new heart. She was doing great, was almost ready to be discharged when she started losing blood. She had to have several units given to her. Mary was taken into surgery and had to have her colon removed. Her husband and her mom have also been through so much. Her mom is from the Carolinas and has been at her daughters side for months in a strange city and state. Her husband has juggled between serving our country and being at Mary's side.

The long and short of this is that they have been on an emotional roller coaster for months. This last surgery that Mary had to have has really put them all over the edge, especially Mary. Lets show this southern mom and her daughter that us New Englanders are caring people and thank Allen for juggling serving our country and being at Mary's side.

KIRO7 eyewitness news in Seattle did an article on this. Mary's mom is Julia Barnes and she has been through so much. Mary's husband Allen Mathews has been truly amazing.

Her address is Mary Mathews, Fifth floor coronary care/thoracic floor, University of Washington Medical Center, 1059 NE Pacific Street, Seattle, WA 98105-6088.

A very proud great aunt and uncle,

Pat and Charlie Cushman

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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