Town of Dalton

To the Editor:

In recent interviews the Dalton Board of Selectmen have consistently referred to "advise of Town Counsel" or "on advise of Town Counsel Shawn Tanquay" to justify their actions. Did Town Counsel advise the Selectmen to proceed with the prosecution of a ridiculous case of missing money that was proven NOT to be missing? Did he counsel the Selectboard to immediately press charges before asking the employee what was going on? I wonder if Mr. Tanquay had been given all the facts. The following questions should be brought to the attention of Mr. Shawn Tanquay of Gardner, Fulton and Waugh, PLLC for further study:

1. Municipal Resources (MRI) report of December 2011was emailed to the HOME computer of a former selectman NOT to the Selectmen's town computer...this town is run by a Board of Selectmen.

2. Five months after this former selectman left office (he chose not to run for re-election) he still had town documents in his possession and he brought them to a select board meeting to return them.

3. Selectmen's meeting 7/30/12 this former selectman requested half to three quarters of an hours' time for the transition of information.

4. Selectmen's meeting 8/6/12 the former selectman signed a receipt turning over information he had while he was a selectman. He then asked to go into "executive session" as some of the information he had was a contract from the attorney.

5. Why five months after leaving office did this selectman still have legal documents pertaining to the town in his possession? Does he still have paper documents or computer files in his possession?

6. Selectmen's meeting 8/23/11 "Motion by Chairman Crosby to go into executive session and move the executive session to Mike Crosby's barn" ... in his barn?

7. In 2012 there were 44 select board meetings and 34 of those went into "executive session". Of those 44 meetings 7 were held on days other than normal meeting nights (3 on a Fri., 3 on a Wed. and 1 on a Sat.) and 6 of them were "executive session". Did all these sessions deal with welfare, personnel or legal issues?

Perhaps the Board of Selectmen should sit down with Town Counsel and find out if the above constitutes any legal questions. I am aware of the fact that Mr. Tanquay is only privy to information given to him by the select board; however, I believe the town and its attorney should review these matters.

Sharon Tupper

Dalton, N.H.


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