Derby decision

To the Editor:

Perhaps the smartest thing the Derby Select Board could have decided was to halt talks with a wind developer. We get bombarded with a lot of information and opinions. Information from a developer is coming from only one idea to get what they want.

The best interests of the towns are likely contrary to the best interests of developers.

The Public Service Board has only one job, to make positive findings to give a Certificate of Public Good to an electric generation project. Citizens who are opposed to wind power projects can be misled into thinking the PSB are our friends - nothing could be further from the truth. For them Public Good means public needs electricity; to you it may mean you don't want your town ruined by a wind project.

It is encouraging to hear the town of Stanstead, Quebec, state their opposition to this project. One thing to remember is the concept of "previously impacted." What this means to Derby and surrounding areas is, if you allow these two turbines, you have opened the door to many more in your future.

We were lucky to have a voice of reason in Sen. Benning recently, when he called for a moratorium on industrial wind power in Vermont.

It is my hope our select board in Newark, will take the lesson to be learned from Derby select board and apply it to our town. Right now Newark will face the prospect of being an occupied town, in essence a hostile takeover, by a corporation. Whether Derby, Newark, Brighton, Ferdinand or the UTG's, we should all realize it does not get better than this. Why should we ruin our area to send electricity to Boston or Hartford, because fellow citizens that is where it will go.

Jon Day

Newark, Vt.


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