Disaster aid

To the Editor:

So this guy, Bob Neuman, writes a letter to the editor the other day and in it rips on the "38republicans" for voting against disaster aid that would have gone in part to some areas of Vermont.

The question the "38 republicans" wanted to know was where the money would come from. Not getting the answer they wanted, they voted against it. That sounds like people doing their job to me. The days of "just throw money" are hopefully coming to an end soon! Asking where money is to come from, who will pay it , how much, for how long are not unreasonable questions to ask. Democrats and progressives in Vermont have been billing other states' taxpayers for stuff we can't afford for so long that it has become natural and normal to expect it. After all, the intended purpose of taxation is to provide money to run the government, not to make government run programs designed to create more dependents and less private pursuits of industry and wealth.

Bob Neuman of East Haven (along with others) needs to find out more about the process and purpose of government in this free country before he makes partisan attacks.


Dianne Peyton

Lunenburg, Vt.


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