Is Vermont turning into a Communist state?

To the Editor:

I hope Sen. Joe Benning keeps up on his fight to save our state from the liberals who are ruining it. Mr. Benning is going to be our leader that will hopefully save our state. From what I hear he wants to get rid of useless laws like the helmet law and the seat belt law for adults and not children. The damn liberals think they know what is better for us than we know ourselves. They just keep adding laws on the books that do not need to be there. Just like the people who want to change the gun laws in town and the state. If you take the guns from legal residents then they will not have anything to protect themselves with. I can only speak for myself but my guns are not going anywhere no matter who the hell tells me I have to get rid of them. I am sure I am not alone with this feeling and I have talked to a lot of people who say if this starts happening there are going to be a lot of Vermonters in most towns if not all of them doing protests to let them know it is not going to happen. All the damn flatlanders are not going to come up here and ruin our way of life I don't care who says so.

Just like the helmet and seat belt laws are ridiculous because what do those laws have any business in how I want to live my life. I have my car and bike insurance , and I do not have to tell you what they want for policies but we are fully insured on both and we also have our own health insurance in case one of the flatlanders brings that up and we did it all by ourselves without Obamascare, and no, I did not spell that word wrong. I believe most people who are for the helmet laws do not ride because if they did they would know the cons of wearing a helmet. So for these people, let me fill you in on a couple things: first, they block a lot of your vision on the sides of you and also they make hearing other vehicles coming up behind you and passing you when they do not suppose to, and I would bet anything those drivers are flatlanders.

I just hope Mr. Benning and his supporters will be able to convince everybody that we need to change the law to when you are 21 you do not need a helmet and at 21 do not need a seat belt if that is the age they are shooting for. It is like when a 16 year old passes his driver's license and then they have all kind of rules that they cannot have friends riding with them for a certain length of time and cannot drive after dark. If you are going to do that then when they are 16 give them this temp license that you pass out now and when they turn 18 then have them take a test. If they are good enough to pass the test they should be able to drive when you want and with who you want to ride with. Just like having the drinking age at 21, all that does is kid the 18 and up to go to party places out in fields and other party places so they can drink and if the cops come they all take off. So we would be better off having them drink in a bar where it can be controlled and also being watched by the local police in the town that the bars are in. The kids today uses the DD driver thing a lot and I respect the young adults using their brain even though the politicians do not. I know when we were young there was no such thing for the most parts but today it is being used and they should be respected for that. So if you have a thought on this either for or against I would like to hear it. Most people who agree with me will not post a comment but I hope they do. We need to bring our state back to our people and keep it as free as we can or fight to keep it that way.

Thanks a lot and drive sober and wear your helmet and seat belt until Mr. Benning and friends change these useless laws.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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