Before the Super Bowl, President Barack Obama gave an interview to Fox network's Bill O'Reilly. By-and-large we thought O'Reilly was rude, which prevented a particularly meaningful dialogue.

But we thought it was interesting when Obama said he wasn't a "nanny-state" guy. "You know, Bill, the point is, we have not massively expanded the welfare state," the President said.

During his presidency, twice as many people have gone on food stamps than have gotten jobs. Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security all expanded. Unemployment benefits both extended and increased. The number of federal employees grew. Spending as a percent of the economy swelled to historic levels. Federal regulations exploded into most American lives.

And then there's the little matter of ObamaCare which inserts the government smack dab in between all Americans and their doctors. On Tuesday the CBO said ObamaCare would cost the economy approximately 2.5 million jobs (or full-time equivalents) as more people chose not to work in order to maximize government subsidies for health care. That's good, the Obama administration said, because thanks to the generous government handouts, more people will be able to stay home and be with their families.

A government program that pays people not to work?

It all sounds a little bit like a nanny state to us.


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