Emergency pet services for the Northeast Kingdom

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter on behalf of all the elderly pet owners in the Northeast Kingdom. Why isn't there some emergency procedures for us in the Northeast Kingdom? Instead we are told, after office hours, to contact the Littleton emergency pet center. Now I don't know about you, but I am 81 and the thought of driving to Littleton in the nighttime or off hours, is not a pleasant task for me. There are enough vets in the area so we should not have to drive this far when something unexpected happens to our beloved pet. We certainly all give enough money to our vets during the year so we shouldn't have this problem to further stress us out. There should be something set up in this area and there is no reason it cannot be done if the vets are concerned about us at all.

I hope that many of you are concerned about this issue as I am. If so, please contact your vet and let them know how you feel and perhaps something can be done so we won't have to worry about driving to Littleton. Even if just one vet offered emergency services that would be great.

I notice that most vets in surrounding communities, such as Derby and Newport, list that they do have this type of service. Why not here in this area?

Thanks for listening to a frustrated Papillon owner.

Jim Ball

West Burke, Vt.


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